Yeshivat Mitzpe Yericho



פתגם יפה בעברית שמתאים לדף הזה


Curriculum Makeup

Our curriculum aims to equip Talmidim with well-rounded knowledge and skills in Talmud, Halacha, Tanach, Jewish Philosophy, and Mussar. As such, the curriculum includes in depth Gemara study, Shiurim on other topics, and time for independent study.

Like many yeshivot, Gemara is the backbone of our curriculum. Morning Seder is dedicated to iyun – delving into the world of the Gemara text, Rishonim, and Achronim. Students will develop analytical and textual skills, as well as an appreciation of the thought process of Chazal and sensitivity to Halachic and textual nuances. Morning Seder begins with a short preparation session guiding the students to the relevant questions and issues in the Sugya, followed by Seder and Shiur.

Afternoon Seder focuses on Gemara Bekiut, which consists of Shiur, Chavruta, and then Chazarah. During this Seder, a significant portion of Shas will be covered. The Yeshiva has developed a unique method of Chazarah for Bekiut, allowing Talmidim to master and retain their knowledge.

Night Seder consists of Chavrutot with older Israeli students, as well as Chaburot on various topics.

Aside from intensive study of Gemara, the yeshiva offers numerous Shiurim on Tanach, practical Halacha, Jewish Philosophy, Mussar, the thought of Rav Kook, Religious-Zionism, Chasidut, and more. These shiurim enable students to achieve a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of Emuna, stimulate personal growth, and motivate students to lead a life filled with meaning and inspiration.

Aside from the regular curriculum for overseas students, Talmidim can also attend much of the Hebrew curriculum as well.