Yeshivat Mitzpe Yericho


Our Yeshiva's History

Yeshivat Mitzpe Yericho was founded in the year 5755 (1995) by Rabbi Shabtai Sabato, dean of the yeshiva. Rabbi Sabato, then a young student at the esteemed Mercaz HaRav yeshiva, assembled a group of students who were later ordained as rabbis and decided to establish a yeshiva high school in the small town of Mitzpe Yericho, located outside of Jerusalem. Today, the yeshiva is thriving and many of the yeshiva’s rabbis and educators are second and third-generation members of that original group of students. A decade ago, Rabbi Sabato’s son, Rabbi Yitzhak Chaim Sabato, joined his father in leading the yeshiva as its Rosh Yeshiva.