Yeshivat Mitzpe Yericho


Rav Eli Dordek

Afternoon Seder Ram

Rabbi Elijah Dordek grew up in Chicago and attended the Ida Crown Jewish Academy (1980). He put off his MIT scholarship in order to study at BMT. His desire to master Mishna and Talmud, led him to Rabbi Shabtai Sabato and his tapes of his Shas Habura, and convinced him to publish the Talmud HaMuklat, and found a Shas Program for Chutznikim.
The American and Israeli students combined for the siyum of the Shas at BMT and established a Smicha program. Rav Dordek joined Rabbi Sabato in founding the Netivot Yosef high school, serving as its first mechanech and leading the Mishna program. In 5752, Rabbi Dordek published his acclaimed Mishna Sdura, which has sold hundreds of thousands of volumes and is studied daily worldwide.
Rabbi Dordek later served a decade as Assistant Rosh Yeshiva and also helped Rabbi Sabato establish the Maor Tuvia Yeshiva Gvoha. He continues teaching Mishna and Talmud at both yeshivas.
With his expertise as a psychotherapist, Rav Elie forms close connections with students. Many participate in his weekly "Nefesh Chaya" groups to develop emotional intelligence and life skills.
Beyond his 40+ years of study with Rabbi Sabato, Rabbi Dordek has learned extensively with Rabbi Yitzchak Shlomo Zilberman zt”l and Rabbi Shalom Ulman zt”l including publishing works on the Kabbalah of the GRA and RaMCHaL
His entrenprenurial spirit led him to found the startup which develops speech to text technology for ed-tech.